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Ghetto Shakespear Partners

Alvin "Black Pearl" Hargrove is full of ideas and dreams. One thing to know for sure about him is that he's a very giving person, who loves to help others, whether he knows them or not. He also has the beauty of spontaineity about him too. Let an idea pop into his head that is very doable at the moment, and whola....he's ready to put the idea into motion and make it a reality.

His partners help him to make these ideas materialize. Once at a hair show, he came up with the idea to bar-b-que, right there on the spot, and provide food for customers to sample while looking over products available for purchase.

He has partnered with his own hair salon, High Fashion Studios, and radio and comedic personalities such as Barbara Carlisle to host a luau which features young local talent and provides a host of family fun.

Ghetto Shakespear puts his heart into everything he does and that is something any community would be proud to have and call its own!

The Partners


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