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Who is the "Ghetto Shakespear?"
Alvin "Black Pearl" Hargrove is an awesome entertainer, writer, producer, and hair stylist, born and raised in Huntsville, AL. Shakespear is the youngest of 13 children born to Felix and Mable Hargrove. He is a devoted husband and father of three. While currently working to establish himself as a successful artist, Shakespear struggles to bring back life in the blues genre. Most would say that blues has lost its flavor, its touch, its ability to grasp and relate to everyday life. Shakespear's revised era of music known as "Millennium Blues" , crosses many barriers of life in an attempt to give blues back its flavor, with a more hip, less traditional sound. Millennium Blues includes various views on relationships, marriage, fatherhood and friendships. These are all walks of life that every soul on earth faces in their day-to-day living. As a business owner and soul entrepreneur for over ten years, Shakespear is looking to expand his territory by utilizing his gift of music to pave the way for endorsement opportunities. He plans to use those endorsments for his personal line of hair care products V.F.P Very Famous Products. Through music Shakespear is expressing his true views on life, love, and the hardships in between, thus placing him on the road to stardom.

Ghetto Shakespear in Action


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